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Carol Veizer, MA, ACS, NCC, LPC

Founder and Director of the NJ Center for the Healing Arts


Sometimes a filmmaker dares to depart from the world of entertainment to deliver a message that is both socially and culturally relevant. This is true of Jane Clark’s Meth Head, the movie. As a mental health professional with a specialization in addictions, I viewed Meth Head to see if it might be useful for educational and training purposes. After viewing it, I recommended it to one of my clients who was spiraling down into the dark world of Meth addiction. He recognized himself in the film and entered into a treatment program because of it. I have since shown this film to other clients with addictions, to my clinical team members, and to parents whose sons and daughters are addicted to Meth and other drugs.


This painfully honest film brings home a message that needs to be shared. It depicts a world that is played out in real life every minute of every day. Meth Head is a cautionary story that begs to be told. I highly recommend it for educational purposes.


Carol Veizer, MA, ACS, NCC, LPC is the founder and director of the NJ Center for the Healing Arts, an integrative mental health center that she founded in 1989 and a founding member of the International Network of Integrative Mental Health. Her mission is to approach healing through the integration of science, art, and socially-responsible practice.

"Director/screenwriter Jane Clark  takes great care to show us that these are real and good people—not villains—who became addicted to one of the most addicting drugs around."

 - Frank J. Avella, NY


Leonard Buschel

Founder and Program Director of the REEL Recovery Film Festival

Editor of the Addiction Recovery Bulletin


Watching METH HEAD brought back memories and emotions from my years of active addiction, specifically the quick spiral down to having no control over my life.  METH HEAD portrays how far down a person may have to go before they surrender and how that space can be far deeper than one ever imagined could exist. We needed to have this film at the annual REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium.  Not just because it is an incredibly well-directed and well-produced movie, but because the story must be told.   The audience should be aware that addiction has a ripple effect - the addict at the center who “shares” his damage with those around him.  METH HEAD also alerts viewers that no matter how much damage is done, there is the opportunity to change and to heal. 


The REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium is entering its 8th year in nine cities including New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston and Vancouver.  This multi-day event is  a celebration of film, the arts, writing and creativity. We showcase filmmakers, like Jane Clark, who make honest films about addiction, alcoholism, behavioral disorders, treatment and recovery. Not only do we screen contemporary and classic films, documentaries and shorts from industry veterans, but we highlight talented amateurs and first-time filmmakers.    We are proud to have films from both the US and international filmmakers  We are always accepting submissions from those who want to share their perspective, through film, about addiction, mental health and the road to recovery.  

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