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For every pound of meth created, there are five to seven pounds of toxic waste produced as a byproduct. The waste is often dumped in a river or stream, contaminating the local water supply. This can have an adverse effect on the wildlife in the area, as well as any humans who come into contact with the contamination.


In addition, the fumes released in the process of making meth are quite toxic. They seep into the walls and carpets of the building, creating a toxic environment. There are documented cases of families unknowingly moving into apartments that were previously used as meth labs. Environmental exposure to meth in a former meth lab has been linked to migraines, respiratory problems, and possibly even cancer.


A meth addict will do anything to get their next fix, including committing such crimes as muggings, murder, break-ins and rape, to name a few. A rise in meth use will inevitably lead to a rise in crime. This, in turn, creates a dangerous environment in your neighborhood.


One of the most overlooked effects of meth in a community has to do with the innocent children that are impacted by this drug. Children being raised by meth “cooks” are constantly exposed to toxic fumes and are at risk of burns or worse if the chemicals being used explode. A baby has no choice but to be in constant contact with surfaces that are saturated with harmful substances, such as the floors and furniture of the meth lab. They ingest the meth every time they put their fingers in their mouth. With their smaller bodies, even tiny amounts of meth can have a detrimental impact upon them.


Children of meth addicts suffer from neglect. Parents who are high on meth can zone out for days at a time, leaving their children to fend for themselves. These children often are too young to get their own food and water, so malnutrition is common.

"Never being a "meth head" myself, I learned a lot from this film. The story is not preachy, it just tells the progression and the arch of coming back from meth addiction and how loved ones in the addict's life get effected."

- Jean Jessup, Movie Reviews from a Spiritual Perspective


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