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As a counselor at Jeff Griffith Youth Center for homeless LGBTQ youth I had to deal with our community's issues with meth head on. I witnessed youth who started using meth and deteriorated mentally as well as physically. I saw & encouraged youth who stopped meth and made great strides to rise above the destruction the drug did to their lives.

My best friend started experimenting with meth early 2000's. This lead to full out chaos as his life spun out of control. He lost his job, apartment & family. An intervention didn't help & he succumbed to the disease in 2009. I lost mybest friend to the drug.

Meth has affected me in my work & personal life. It is with intimate knowledge of the subject that I speak as a counselor & outreach educator to help others avoid or escape this unrelenting drug.




DEADLEE was created in 2000 when Joey Lee survived Y2K! He decided to follow his dreams & become a recording artist. His early work on his first cd 'Seven Deadlee Sins' was a mix of Goth Rap. He later joined the Homo Revolution movement & was featured in 'Pick Up The Mic' , a documentary highlighting open LGBT rappers ! he released a successful second CD called 'ASSAULT WITH A DEADLEE WEAPON' ! He followed that with a 20 city tour with fellow LGBT artists HOMO REVOLUTION TOUR & Pride Shows in Mexico, Canada & USA ! This lead to appearances on CNN, Tyra Banks, & Howard Stern.

He stepped away from music to pursue his acting. He's been in cult favorites HOOCHIE MAMMA DRAMA, GETTING HIGH IN THE BARRIO, as well as critically acclaimed METH HEAD & RAMPART.
He's written and performed in over a dozen live theater productions!
He played Ming the Merciless in FLASH GORDON stage play and is working to get his first screenplay on film, BEANZ !!
He recently married his longtime partner! & has always been in the forefront of Marriage & LGBT equality .. Having worked with Gay youth for over 20 years!


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