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My personal journey through methamphetamine addiction helped provide the inspiration for METH HEAD. After having slid full-force into the grips of my addiction, I resurfaced and reunited with old friend and filmmaker, Jane Clark. I agreed to share my own stories of addiction and introduced Clark to former members of my “meth community” helping to shape the story. At the film’s premiere at the D.C. Independent Film Festival, I began speaking publicly about my involvement with the drug, alongside prominent panel members from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), and the Entertainment Industries Council. I then toured with the film, speaking on the topic at Q&A’s around the country. I hope to continue using my first-hand experience to enlighten, educate, and inform, while removing some of the stigma of addiction. My goal would be that people, young and old, will see themselves or a loved one in the characters they see on screen. The harsh reality is, any one of us is only five beats away from becoming that person – that addict - at any moment in time. METH HEAD tells the truth, and I take great pride in that. It provides an honest foundation to open the difficult discussions on this devastating drug.”




John's most recent project as producer is CRAZY BITCHES, which released February 2015 through Gravitas Ventures. Prior experience as producer was on the 12 time festival award-winning feature METH HEAD.


John got his first experience behind the scenes working for Outfest (The Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival) as their event coordinator. For two years he was responsible for producing the Opening Night Gala, as well as all the premiere parties for the festival. He extended that experience as co-producer of the popular short film series of parodies known as "Gay Propaganda," which took popular scenes in straight movies and recast them to play as gay-themed films.


John then moved into television production and development working under the direction of Charles Pratt, Jr. at Spelling Television on such shows as MELROSE PLACE and TITANS. While at Spelling, he also assisted in developing three new pilots for the production company.  John followed that with a move to Jim Henson Productions in their television department to work on the hit series "Farscape." He also assisted in developing the made-for-television, ITS A VERY MUPPET CHRISTMAS MOVIE. He is currently attached to produce two upcoming FilmMcQueen productions, CRAZIER BITCHES and SLATE & KELLY.


John has employed his strength as a educator and wisdom garnered from his experiences to fostering at risk youth in the Los Angeles area.

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